Statutory Audit Services

Statutory Audit

Statutory audit is a type of financial audit that is required by law. It is conducted to ensure that a company's financial statements are accurate and comply with the laws and regulations of the country in which it operates. Statutory audits are typically conducted by external auditors who are independent of the company being audited. The auditors review the company's financial records, transactions, and internal controls to provide an opinion on the accuracy and completeness of the financial statements. This opinion is then included in the company's annual report, which is made available to shareholders and other stakeholders. Statutory audits play a crucial role in maintaining transparency and accountability in the financial reporting of companies.

Reviewing is the course of freely checking the exactness and culmination of budget reports and other data. A review plans to guarantee that an association's budget summaries and extra data are liberated from material blunders, misrepresentation, and misquotes.

Legal reviews in India are legally necessary in numerous locales and are generally directed by confirmed public bookkeepers (CPAs). It includes checking bank adjusts, monetary exchanges, and bookkeeping records to guarantee exactness and conform to appropriate regulations and guidelines.

With its Legal Review Counseling administrations, Zeroindex Technology Pvt. Ltd. assists associations in India with consenting to the legal review prerequisites of the Organizations Act, 2013. We have a group of experienced sanctioned bookkeepers and different experts who can help you with all parts of the legal review process, from intending to execution and detailing.

Key Steps In Statutory Audits In India

The audit process typically includes the following :

Planning and Risk Assessment

The reviewer evaluates the client's business risk and fosters a review plan as needs be. This incorporates recognizing basic business regions and assessing the probability of material misquotes.

Audit Testing

The reviewer tests the client's inward controls and methodology to guarantee adequacy. It is ordinarily prevailed by documentation audit, representative meetings, and cycle perception.

Financial Statement Analysis

The evaluator dissects the client's fiscal reports to recognize likely blunders or extortion. This incorporates exploring monetary record things, pay proclamation things, and revelations.

Audit Reporting

The reviewer composes a report itemizing the review discoveries in an organization that the controllers direct. The report is then imparted to the client's administration and governing body for additional activity.

Follow-up and Closure

The evaluator circles back to the client to guarantee that all review proposals have been carried out. The review is then shut once all remarkable issues have been settled.

Why Opt For Zeroindex Technology Pvt. Ltd. For Statutory Audit

Zeroindex Technology Pvt. Ltd. has a group of experienced sanctioned bookkeepers and different experts who can help you with the legal review process, from wanting to execution and revealing. We can assist you guarantee consistence with the prerequisites of the Organizations Act, 2013 and other relevant regulations and guidelines. Key advantages of recruiting us includes:


Cost-effective and efficient service
We offer financially savvy and productive legal reviews in Chennai discussion administrations to assist you with setting aside time and cash.


Experienced and qualified team
Our group contains experienced and gifted experts with many years of aggregate involvement with assisting driving associations with legal reviews in India.


Comprehensive service
We offer a thorough help that covers all parts of the legal review process, from intending to execution and revealing.


Timely Support
We offer ideal help and help to our clients, guaranteeing that all review suggestions are executed quickly to stay away from punishments or fines.


Customized Service
We offer customized statutory audit services tailored to our client’s specific needs.